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We are a tech startup from a group of engineering students and maker enthusiasts motivated to deliver new products and digital services that improves our surroundings and the life of people.


Foku is a service that allows restaurants and food places to digitalize their menus and show their dishes and drinks in Augmented Reality through our native app. Also the users can search randomnly among all the dishes just like dating apps so they can discovers new places they like.


StudyMaster is an IoT device, thought-out as an study mate and environment analizer that helps its users to stay conscious about their place of study or workspace. Also helps with the improvement of study habits delivering data of their time and environment sugesting solutions to achieve optimal conditions based on international standars.

Our Team

Nicolás Acosta

Chief Executive Officer

Diego Valenzuela

Chief Creative Officer

Ignacio Araya

Chief Operating Officer

Javier Valenzuela

Chief Frontend Developer


Av. Vicuña Mackena 4860. Macul, Chile


+56 (9) 3122-8667